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    Error in COM - 64 bit.




      I am working on a ColdFusion application(64 bit) where it requires JIntegra 64 bit for connecting to Active PDF 3rd party tool(64 bit).

      This is the piece of code which is getting the object from Active PDF which connects through JIntegra.

                  <CFOBJECT ACTION="Create" TYPE="COM" class= APToolkit.Object NAME="toolkit">


      I have the same code running fine in 32 bit.

      When my ColdFusion application is trying to contact JIntegra , I am receiving the below error “Could not initialize class com.intrinsyc.typeInfo.IMacroViewerProxy”.


      When I was searching in Internet I saw some patches released for ColdFusion 9 for IMacroViewerProxy class.

      (http://www.findthatjar.com/search-12084642-hZIP/winrar-winzip-download-coldfusion-update-9 01-wwej-java.jar.htm )


      Is that same kind of IMacroViewerProxy class available for ColdFusion 8 ? Please find the Error Attached below.


      Could you please help me in this one?