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    D7000 files not working in Adobe Premiere pro CS6

    Blutig Eisbar

      I recently took a lot of video on my D7000 DSLR. All of my video I shot though when I import them into Adobe Premiere "breaks" the file plays perfectly on the computer strait from the file but the miniute I try to import them into Premiere the files show either black screens or fragments of other screens in the playback windows as if the files were corrupted. I know that they are not. I need to know what I am doing wrong, if I am, since I am brand new to the program, and how to fix it. I have tried the origional .MOV file which I have reserched says works native with CS6. I also tried converting the file to .mpg. Both ways the files act the same. I have the settings for the project for DSLR at the proper resolution and frame rate also. I can hear the correct audio with the clip but simply the window is corrupted.


      I am using 15" Macbook Pro Retina base model.


      Thanks for any help.