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    Webhelp delivered in a jar file


      I am producing Webhelp in Robohelp 10 for a Java application.


      My developer does not like receiving a folder full of files and has asked me to zip them all up into one .jar file which he says he will then be able to "unjar" and fit into the application.


      Has anyone had any experience of doing this? Does it work? are there any gotchas? I don't want to waste time if this will not work.





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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Somebody else was asking about this sort of thing this year too – it’s nothing that RH will do for you – search the forums. I suspect that they’re looking for some sort of Java help rather than WebHelp.

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            dt1956 Level 1

            Hi Jeff,


            Yes, they are looking for Javahelp. But Javahelp is ugly, outdated and a pain in the backside to produce (at least I have found it so). I want to move to Webhelp. Better user experience, cross platform and OS etc.


            I am not looking for Robohelp to do this for me, rather something like Cygwin to jar up all the Webhelp files? What I want to know is can you unjar those files in the app and end up with the original Webhelp?



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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi there


              I performed a Google search and found the link below:


              Click here to view


              The information at the link seems to suggest that all the files inside the jar must be in a single folder. So that would likely be your first hurdle, to ensure that all your RoboHelp files are in a single folder. On your developer's side, it would seem to suggest that it will only work if s/he is planning on extracting a single HTML page at a time. I say this because if you are planning on presenting the full WebHelp frameset, complete with TOC/Index.Search, those functions rely upon files stored in some sub folders. So if the jar format disallows subfolders, it would appear this wouldn't work.


              Cheers... Rick