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    Light Layer Not Working

    Tav15 Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I have been trying to get the 3D light layer to work but it won't.


      Haven't had any issuses with lighting beofre but I haven't been on AE for a while and was trying to remember the keyboard shortcuts so I might have pressed a wrong key by accident which might have disable/enabled something that might stop the Light Layer from working?


      I have tried applying the Light Layer in a new comp which was more simpler than what I originally wanted it to work in but still had no luck.


      Is it possible that I might have deleted the plugin for this?


      Does anyone know what the plugin name for the original Light Layer in AECS5 is called so I can have a look in that folder to see if it's still there?


      Below is a screen shot of what I am working on. It is a 3D cube and as you can see, the Light is not working.


      Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 14.36.17.png

      Is there something that I have pressed by accident to disable the light from working like the Draft3D button?


      Thank you for your time and help.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          In your screen shot, I see a light shining on a comp full of BLACK layers.  The last time I checked, the color black doesn't show up well when a light is shined on it.  I also see that each black layer has a track matte applied, which is probably wrong.  It's also difficult to see a light shining on a black layer against a white background.  Finally, you also have to set the layer properties for those black layers to "Accepts Lights".

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            Tav15 Level 1

            Dave, you are a star!!


            Thank you so much for your help.


            You were right, the light doesn't show well on the black layers. I have adjusted them to a red and the light is visable, which is a shame as I need the box to be black but I will try and find a way around that. The main thing is that everything is still working.


            Thank you sir. Hope that you have a good day.