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    RoboHelp 10 - error msg - " ... trying to save data to root.fpj"

    Robbarooney Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp 10 to create WebHelp.  I keep all the files on my local hard drive. There's a file repository at our SharePoint site and a process that checks out all of the files when I start RoboHelp and, when I close the project, the process saves all changed files back to SharePoint.


      I started a project this week updating existing WebHelp; my co-worker told me to go to SharePoint and copy the foo.xpj and foo.hhc files from SharePoint to a folder on my local hard drive. I did this and I was told to double-click the xpj file to start RH.  All of the other files downloaded from SharePoint to my local drive. I did some work and closed the project.  The files that I changed were saved back to SharePoint. Then, when I started RH again, I got this error msg immediately after I clicked on the project link under Recent Projects:


      "An error occurred while trying to save data to <C:\foo\foohelp\root.fpj> <5>."


      I click OK and all the files download successfully from the SharePoint repository and RH displays the project. My co-worker and I are confused by the error msg.  Why is RH trying to save data to root.fpj at the beginning of the RH start-up process?


      TIA for any help.