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    "Security settings prevent access to this property or method"


      Our PDF's are tagged with LiveCycle ES.  We opened up the PDF's for saving data by using Acrobat Pro -Advanced-"Extend forms fill in and save in Acrobat Reader" setting.  The Vendor we deal with tells us with this setting, they can't launch the forms directly.  They won't give me any other information on what could be causing the problem.  Any insight as to what the problem is would be appreciated.  The Vendor uses open source software called iText and FoxIt Pro for veiwing PDF files.



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          IsakTen Level 4

          I am not sure what you mean by "The Vendor ... can't launch the forms directly". What do you mean by "launch the forms directly"? Do you mean open PDF in whatever Reader your vendor uses? Do you mean that after PDF is opened pour  vendor cannot change it?

          It could be a limitation of the software your vendor is using. I am not intimately familiar with iText and FoxIt Pro, so I cannot comment on that.