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    LC Process returning XML variable via SOAP

    8_BIT_PLATOON Level 1

      Hi Community,


      Situation: XFA Form making a Search Request:

      1) I have a LC process that has an 'output' variable of type XML.

      2) The XML contains repeating elements

      3) The XFA form, makes a webservice call to the LC Process and stores the XML response ('search results') in a hidden text field.

      4) I want to use this XML now to load a small section of the form (table) with the 'search results'


      I am familiar with this method:

      - xfa.datasets.data.loadXML(tfRespXML.rawValue, 0, 1);

      However this re-loads the ENTIRE form with the XML

      and unfortunately .loadXML() doesn't work on subforms/nodes!?!


      --> Passing the entire form XML up and getting the entire form XML + search results as a response is also not an option.



      Question (different to the LC Designer Forum one)

      1) Can a LC Process which is returning XML via SOAP, return the XML as a complex type and not an object?


      i.e: In LC Designer, when I load the WSDL, it shows me two response objects: "document" & "element", the document which contains the full XML. However I would like the response object to be the actual complex type XML.