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    Installation appears to work but actually fails.

    JD Barnett

      Hello. I have a MAC, OS X, version 10.8.3. Safari is my web browser and I've used Adobe Flash Player without any problems before this latest version. Now for some reason the installation is failing.


      I've every done step suggested on the trouble shooting page ( and I can't tell you how many times I've installed/uninstalled the player by now), but so far no success. Currently, the download process goes slowly up till 55% then it immediately finishes and claims to have successfully installed the player. However, the only app that actually gets downloaded anywhere is the installer itself and it ends up being identified as a Device (in the Finder window) instead of an application. Even Safari restarts on Adobe's page where it claims "you are now running Adobe Flash Player."


      But when I go to the trouble shooting page, it confirms I have no player installed. I've been dealing with this for two days now and have no idea what to do next. Any suggestions?


      I'd really appreciate any help you can provide, especially since Adobe won't even step up and provide support for this themselves - no phone number, etc. I'm beyond frustrated because so many websites and games require this application.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance.