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    CS6 Type tool bug and PDF creation bug


      I have major problems with Photoshop CS6 (after updating Photoshop from CS3) and my productivity after 25 years of using the program has been severely effected. I received CS6 in a box, and there was no indication on the box that updating was required. Updater did not update (to 13.0.4) for TWO weeks.


      13.0.4 seems to have taken care of the random issue but I have dozens of files that exist broken on my system and messing up my work flow.  However, I have two problems that either remain or have cropped up since.


      To start my solving these two problems, I've read the full text of Adobe's "Troubleshoot fonts" help, covering 6 solutions. 


      Please tell me if spending time on any of the "Troubleshoot fonts" 6 solutions will specifically help me with these two particular problems. (If it matters, this covers only new documents since my 13.0.4 update.)


      1 I use primarily ONE font (News Gothic MT) and please note I have none of the buggy fonts listed on the help doc. Here's what happens: Typing in text tool will not break a line and begins to type over itself on the same line


      2 PDFing with NO CHANGE in settings from other successful PDFing attempts (in a file that contains only type and color) results in an image containing about 50% of the original type from the .psd file. However, and I flatten the file, I can make a pdf fine.


      In response to this, Mylenium of Adobe staff has written:

      Unlikely that the PDF issues relate to fonts per se. More like the PDF Flattener doing something wrong or not doing anything to retain appearance based on your PDF export settings. Pixel data in PDFs only gets tiled, if a visual construct you use requires it to be flattened and apparently that goes for some reason wrong.


      What solution is there? Is staff working on a solution? I am not clear about how to proceed.


      3 The color of "High quality PDFs is degraded when viewing in Apple's Preview. A low quality one is just fine.


      4 Layers from the layers palette stick to my cursor, and as I move cursor, there's a faint ghost of them. I retreat to the layers pal., and try to place in original spot.


      In response to this, Mylenium of Adobe staff has written:

       "sticky" layers probably point to graphics or input device issues on your system, so check your graphics and tablet driver and such


      I have the current Wacom tablet update, and there is nothing else listed on their site.


      Thank you for your time. I will be most grateful for input on these problems.

      Jenny Clark