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    Kindle-plug in Character Styles don't embed fonts


      We have a special font used for our company's publications and also a math type font (Euclid Symbol). The book is built in InDesign CS6 and will be exported to a .mobi file using the export to kindle plugin. The export to kindle will not see the symbols if every instance has a character style applied to it.  I have to make sure that one of the special characters or math type symbols does not use the character style that I've applied to all the other special symbols. If there is just one "override", then the export to kindle sees it. So the issue seems to be Character Style related to me. Of course this goes against everything that I know about paragraph and character styles. That means that every chapter has an instance of "override" that I have to locate if I should choose to make a global change to the book. So I don't really consider this work around a solution. Can you please take a look at this Character Style/Span issue with the Kindle Plugin.