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    Info in URL

    Creyente de Dios
      Heres my story

      So i have a flash file that has a text box with a scroll bar
      thats all the flash file is...just a text box with a scroll bar attached

      well i would like to do two different things, totally different

      heres number 1:
      i have seen in many flash countdowns and stuff that is embeded, the url looks like this, for example:

      http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l80/bigrollerdave/flash/countdownred.swf?da=03&mo=01&wor ds=bday"

      If you look after the file is located, it says countdownred.swf?...
      it has the extra info that gives the countdown what it needs
      For my flash file, i would like to have something like that that would give the flash file the text it needs to be put in the flash file.
      so the url would be like:
      http://mysite.com/scrollbar.swf?text=this text appears in the scroll bar"

      the second thing i would like to do it make a text file with the text, and make the text file in the url so that the text in the text file would be what appears in the scroll bar
      so it would be somethin like:
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