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    Elements 11 Organizer does not open


      Dear Sirs,




      I have bought PSE 11 but it doesn't work! Organizer doesn't open normally

      and the different solutions given by the community did not resolve my

      problem .




      I am desperate! What can I do more?




      Best regards






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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How did you install the software? From a disk or download?


          What computer system are you using?

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            Cracske Level 1

            Via a download purchase ... windows 7 ...

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I would suggest downloading again from a different source.


              First, uninstall the program via the Windows control panel.


              Then go to the link below and download the free trial (its identical to the full version) and after installation, validate with your product serial number.



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                Cracske Level 1

                I did all that ... and I still cannot open the preferences in Organizer! In Editor is it OK!

                How can I stop the black screen so I can read what is written? Now it is disappearing so quikly that I cannot read it ...


                It is the first time that I purchase a download ... think that I will never do that again!

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                  99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I suspect it may have something to do with your monitor settings. Go to the control panel and check dpi scaling under Appearance or Display.

                  It’s not uncommon to see a setting of 125% or higher to improve screen readability but PSE requires a dpi of 96 or 100%

                  Whilst the Editor Menu will appear at 120% to 149% the Organizer Menu (and the advanced button in downloader) won’t. Sometimes the mouse or tool cursors are distorted.

                  Try a setting of 115% to 120% otherwise use 100%. A common display resolution, notably for notebooks/laptops, and netbooks is 1024 x 768 but PSE requires a screen height of 800 for full functionality. If your height resolution is out of the range 768 to 800 try experimenting with the slider/settings.

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                    Cracske Level 1

                    Tried all of these ... again no result ... settings were 100%, highest resolution ... Can it has to do something with my "grafic chart" (I don't now how to translate it from the dutch (grafische kaart) Because I have other problems with that issue. My computer crashed a month ago and my harddisk is brandnew ... the graphic chart is not as required for some software like Avast Antivirus ...

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                      99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Have you tried getting to the prefs from the Editor - Expert Mode?


                      Edit >> Preferences >> Organize & Sharing

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                        Cracske Level 1

                        I just tried it and get the same result ... it shuts down after a dos screen ... Do you know how I can stop the black screen to read it?

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                          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Sorry. It maybe a hardware rather than a software problem.


                          You could try contacting support directly.


                          To get help now click here for product support

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                            Cracske Level 1

                            JOEPIEEEE!!! My IT man find the solution!! He could read the message below and did what was asked! After this now I can change the preferences in Organizer! This may help other people!

                            Thanks anyway for all the help on this forum!!!Adobe_General_Settings_Error.jpg