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    Random successive crashes in AE CS6

    Mister Lortie Level 1

      Hello Adobe Community!


      After effects CS6 crashes randomly about every 3 minutes or so. It just quits without any warning cough, or lag time. I only get this pop-up window when it's already too late. The crash doesn't seem to be triggered by any specific task I perform.


      Strangely, I'm not even doing or using anything! My scene is close to an empty canvas, no RAM is being used and no external plug-in either. I made a dummy scene with a layer of type and a rectangle shape only, waited 3 minutes and it crashed, again.


      All latest update for creative cloud were installed lately. My system uses Windows8 Pro 64bits, i7 processor, 16G of Ram and GForce GT 640M. It's a beautiful day, but I can't work...