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    Help with numbering lists in Indesign CS5.5 for epub file


      I am working with a book in Indesign CS5.5 to export it as an epub file. I have been working on formatting the text and I have run into a small problem. Throughout the book there are multiple lists within the texts that need to be numbered. Each list, however, must start over at number 1 and not be continued on from the previous list. The lists are all unrelated and I need them to be completely separate. I used "Type", "Bullets and Numbering", then "Apply Numbering" to begin with. This had each list in the correct order. However, I also created a paragraph style with the correct font, size, indentation, and spacing that must be applied to all the lists before exporting. When I do this, everything keeps its correct formatting except that some of the lists continue their numbering from the previous list. For example, on page 1 I might have a list of four things all formatted correctly and number 1 through 4. On page 3, I have another list, of completely unrelated items. I therefore would like this list to be started over at number 1, but when I apply the paragraph style to it, it starts at 5, picking up where the last list left off. I need to keep these as the assigned paragraph style but it messes up the numbering. If anyone could help me figure out how to keep this from happening I would greatly appreciate it!