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    MIAWs shockwave safe in D11?

    Applied CD
      I hate asking a question about a product that hasn’t even officially been announced … but does anyone with a beta know if MIAWs will be shockwave safe in D11? I preparing a quote to update a project that is very dependent on MIAWs and the client would like to put it on the web, but at present it isn’t a requirement. The project won’t be completed until the middle of 2008 so it will most likely be completed as a D11 project (or we’re all gonna be very angry at Adobe).

      I’m aware of Windows for Shockwave (WFS) but I’ve never used it. I’m hesitant to use it for this project because there’s already an unbelievable amount of code in the original and I’m going to be adding to it … WFS just adds another layer of complexity and if Shockwave MIAWs get supported by Adobe I’d rather go that route.