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    Photoshop Premiere Elements 10

    Ancient Dog

      Old computer died, w/Windows 7.   New one is Windows 8.  Carbonite ways all pictures restored, but current Premiere Elements 10 won't download.    OS a problem??

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is the web link you are using to try and download the program?


          Or, do you mean you are having a problem installing the program?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Ancient Dog


            Another twist on your question, aside from the important clarification requested by John T. Smith....


            Given that your old computer with Windows 7 died. At that point, was that the ONLY computer that you had this same Premiere Elements 10 with its purchased serial number OR did you have it on an additional computer.


            You are allowed to install the purchased Premiere Elements serial number on only 2 computers. The one that died still has Premiere Elements 10 unless you Help Menu/Deactivate before it died. Activation matters such as that can be handled by Adobe Chat.



            Please let us know if any of what I have written applies to your situation. If not, then we can rule this factor out and proceed with exploring other factors.


            But, the answers will be in the details, so please as much detail as possible.


            I know from personal experience, Premiere Elements 10 does install and work well with Windows 8 64 bit. I had some problems with 10 installation from installation disc with regard to a Shared Technologies issue, but all issues were resolved successfully.


            But right now we do not have enough details from you to decide which way to go on your problem.





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              Ancient Dog Level 1

              Hi ATR  --  appreciate prompt response.  Am admittedly NOT a guru on

              my computer (in my 80's, if that helps!!)  but do use and love it.  As

              for downloads, no other computer involved.  As a matter of fact,  when I

              put on new computer, it comes up beautifully to the ORGANIZE screen  --

              but just indicates "zero items".     I did see some of the pictures from

              Carbonate restoration (about 500),  so would seem they are open my

              system.    Just can't get Adobe to download them into the program.

              Might be missing something obvious (can only hope) but stymied for the

              time being.   What comes up on my screen seems perfectly normal as I

              said.    Just no pictures.



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                Ancient Dog Level 1

                Hi John  --  No problem with installation.   Program comes up just as it

                should.  Problem is getting it to recognize the restoration download

                from Carbonite.   Had a ton of stuff on the old computer, and all else

                came thru with no problem.  Naturally these family pictures are the most

                important, and what is driving my anxiety.  Saw some 500 pictures on my

                system from Carbonite, so I know they were sent OK  --  but can't get

                them to download into my Premiere Elements 10.



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Ancient Dog


                  By any chance did you do that Elements Organizer Backing Up the Catalog as well as using the Carbonite backup?The Elements Organizer Backing Up the Catalog or getting your hands on the catalog file in the computer that died would seem to be your life saver.


                  Here is some reading material for background on this. Please check it out.

                  Regarding Carbonite Backup for Elements Organizer catelog (an older article, but ageless information)



                  Adobe Tech Note on backing up and restoring catelogs



                  Keep in mind that Premiere Elements workspace does not store your photos. All traces back to the hard drive save location for the photos. Your original photos are saved to a hard drive location which is linked to the Premiere Elements' Elements Organizer thumbnails representing photos imported into the catelog. If you have Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 on the same computer they share the same Elements Organizer/catelog. You can access the Elements Organizer 10 from Premiere Elements 10 by clicking on Organizer at the top right of the Premiere Elements workspace.


                  That DJ_paige in the Carbonite Photoshop Elements link is very knowledgable about this type of issue. It is possible that he or Barbara Brundage could elaborate on all the points involved. But, they would be expected to be found in the Photoshop Elements rather than Premiere Elements Forum at Adobe.


                  But let us see what we can do after you check out the above information. The above is my take on the situation.





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                    nealeh Level 5

                    I'm a long time user of Carbonite and while it is great for user files, it's not so great for system files. Catalogs by default are stored in the C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs folder and cannot be backed up by Carbonite as ProgramData is a 'restricted folder' to Carbonite.


                    If you copy the catalog folder to a user directory then you can get Carbonite to back it up (or you can create your catalog in a user folder in the first place).





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                      Ancient Dog Level 1

                      ATR  --  Well if nothing else, between you and Nealeh I've confirmed

                      I'm definitely in the dumb//dumber/dumbest category,  but really

                      appreciate the outstanding background you're giving me.  Fortunately I

                      have a son who runs the system for my former office,   and while I

                      really hate involving him in my problems (enuff of his own),  I've

                      copied emails and will see him tomorrow  ---   hoping he can take over

                      and utilize all your help.   HP that died apparently just got filled to

                      the point it was having a problem,  which is why I replaced it  --  but

                      assume the hard drive still available if needed.     At this point, any

                      alternative is just fine,  and will do some studying tonight.  Again,

                      thanks for all your time.   Hard to find, sometimes!!



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                        Ancient Dog Level 1

                        Hi  --=  sending this to my guru son,  and am sure it weill be a major

                        help!!  Thanks for your imput ---



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                          A.T. Romano Level 7

                          Ancient Dog


                          You and your son should do great as a team to work through the details of the references given.


                          We all keep learning whether we be beginning, intermediate, or advanced users. That is the major perk of forums such as these, that is, the opportunity to continue to learn and share.


                          You have made major contributions to solving your issue already. You have researched the issue and are about to move further on implementing the fix. Smart moves.


                          We will be watching for further developments.


                          Best wishes to you and your son.



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                            nealeh Level 5

                            You should be fine as the W7 hard drive is still available. Just copy the catalogs from the W7 drive to the same location on W8 and ensure the pictures restored via Carbonite are in the same folders as they were on W7 and you should just be able to open the catalog copied from the W7 drive.


                            Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children.

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                              Ancient Dog Level 1

                              Certainly worth a try  --  Elements downloaded w/o any problem on new

                              computer,  so just at the nitty gritty!!    Will keep all this on file

                              and let you know how son and I work it out.