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    Quality of edited vs. raw footage




      I recently edited together a short video out of clips from my GoPro 3 Black, and then imported that sequence to Encore and burned to Bluray along with the raw footage I had taken. The editing was just cuts, and I layered in a song. I noticed when testing the Bluray that the video quality of the edited sequence is not as good as the raw footage, there is quite a bit of artifacting compared to the raw stuff. Any ideas why this would be? I've done quite a lot of basic editing, but don't really know that much about transcoding and codecs and whatnot.


      Edit: I'm not sure that this is useful or not, I don't think it is, but anyways, before I imported my sequence to Encore, I thought I had to export the video from premiere for Bluray, so I did that, but then I found I could just import my sequence in Encore, so I don't think that export was used. At leas that is my assumption.