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    Problems working with XFA forms in Acrobat


      I recently upgraded from Acrobat X Pro to Acrobat XI Pro.  I thought this would be an upgrade but I am missing X for several reasons.  I created a dynamic form in Acrobat that has several expanding tables.  I have distributed this form to several people within my company and they fill out the data and return it to me.  At times I need to get the data from the tables into a spreadsheet.  With Acrobat X Pro I would simply highlight the table I wanted to export and right clicked  'exported selection as' and saved it as a workbook.  Now that I have Acrobat XI I try to do the same thing, but when I click 'save' I get the error 'PDF files containing XFA forms cannot be saved to the specified format.  I have also tried saving the entire document as a spreadsheet with the same outcome.  Is there any other way to pull the data from a fillable XFA form into excel or am I stuck?


      Any help or response will be greatly appreciated.