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    SOS - Can't get movie clip animation to work!


      If I don't get a solution to this problem soon, I might just give up using flash.


      I nested an animation inside a movie clip and it played fine in the symbol editor, but when I played it in the actual scene it wouldn't play at all!

      Whilst the animation does play if it's a graphic, it always turns out out of time.


      For example, on my walk cycle, the first contact postion played was two frames, but the second it was three, and each frame of the walk cycle is ment to be two frames long. Its unusable to me because I'm putting a sound every time it enters the contact position but if the frame cylce is irregular then the steps sound out of rythm which is not what I want.


      So back to the movie clips, I've surfed the internet hard but I could only gather up a minute portion of advice but none of it seems to be my problem. And yes, the timeline on the child is the same length of its parent.


      Please please please please PLEASE, help me!