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    multicast configurator not working


      I need help with multicast on Adobe Media Server 5.  When I try to open configurator.html, all i get is the dark gray background. 

      Im running it from a mapped drive on a Win7 machine. If I do the same thing on another Flash Media Server 4.5, it's fine.


      Any Ideas?


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          gilmore27 Level 1

          I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Media Server Extended on the server (Windows 2008 R2 64bit) still have the same issue.


          it doesn't matter if I run the configurator on the server itself or over a mapped drive. I still only get the dark gray background.

          Ive tried this from multiple computers that work fine with the FMS 4.5 configurator.


          Im new to this so, any help is appreciated.


          Update: I can open the configurator.swf file directly. I'll try to use it that way.

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            todlarson Level 1

            I am having the same issue (AMS 5.0.3 on Win 2008 R2 64bit with flash player 14).  None of the configurator html files are working.  We open the html and get a dark gray background.  We tried to double open the .swf files but that seems to just do nothing.


            We are just stuck.  Any ideas?

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              CharlesSmith Level 1

              Are you getting any error message on the page? Is your mapped drive on Win7 machine and Adobe Media Server Installation Directory added as a Trusted Location in Flash Player Global Settings?


              You can try following these steps to add your mapped drive to trusted location:

              1. Right click on the centre of the configurator.html webpage.

              2. Click Global Settings. This would open Flash Player Settings Manager.

              3. Under Advanced Tab, scroll down and click "Trusted Location Settings". Click on "Add" button, then "Add Folder" and select your mapped drive and Adobe Media Server Installation Directory (say, C:\) where the configurator.html page is present. Click "Confirm". Click "Close" to close Trusted Location Settings and exit the Flash Player Settings Manager.

              4. Reload the configurator.html webpage in browser.

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                todlarson Level 1

                - I’m on window7 with A: mapped to \\ams-server\c:\Program Files\Adobe


                - Per your instructions I added A: as a Trusted location inthe Flash Player Global settings.

                - Now I get a grey flash looking progress bar and another grey bar with “Error #2032


                Another important fact is the my computer is not connected to the internet.  That appears to matter.  Do the configurators require an internet connection?


                I am able to recreate the Error #2302 issue on other computers that are not internet connected.  Then, when I connect to the internet, the configurator seems to work.

                Here is the test I ran

                1. Installed AMS 5 on a laptop while not on the internet.  It plays the flash stream demo fine.

                2. I attempted to open f4mconfig.html and it did not work.  Grey screen, so I added c: to my trusted locations and then I get the Grey bar with Error #2302.

                3.  I connected the laptop to the internet.

                4.  I reloaded f4mconfig.html and it worked fine.

                5. I disconnected from the internet.

                6. I then tried to open the multicast configurator.html and I get the Grey bar with Error #2302

                7.  I confirmed taht f4mconfig.html still works while disconnected from the internet.


                Packet captures show that a working f4mconfig.html is doing HTTP GET of these files