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    Why did paragraph styles change their mind during a project?


      Using CS6 (CC), I am converting a booklet our firm designed to Kindle. Since we'd cut all the text apart, and it was edited several times for the original, I'm cutting and pasting into a new document, setting up shiny new paragraph styles, and essentially creating a clean document for export.


      However, some odd things have happened en route, as follows:


      1. One paragraph style established is "intro text." Based on "no paragraph style," set to black Adobe Garamond, etc. etc. It works perfectly throughout the document except for the very first page. When I apply the same paragraph style to its text, the text shows completely differently (bright red, Meta). No override showing. I may just re-key the text and try setting it up from scratch, but any ideas why the same paragraph style that works on every other page doesn't work here? (Screen capture showing selected type and style that works everywhere else below.)


      2. The book is color keyed by section, so the first section has all red heads/subheads, the next yellow heads/subheads, etc. I established the yellow subhead based on the red one, changing the color in the "color" box in paragraph styles. Several pages into the second section, the yellow subhead para style suddenly changed its mind and refuses to make the subhead yellow unless I manually override it in the text box. Even though yellow is indicated in the color box (see example below), and even though it was working perfectly for several pages, this style now refuses to act according to its settings. However, it works perfectly if I apply it to some other kind of text where I don't want it to work (see example below)! So the same paragraph style works differently when applied to different text on the same page. (aaaarrrrrgh)


      Has anyone experienced this issue or these issues, and what have you done to solve it/them?







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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Some of waht you are describing could be caused by the application of character styles in addition to the paragraph styles, but it also looks like there may be some file coruption. See Remove minor corruption by exporting and see if that helps.

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            vcbloch Level 1

            Hi, Peter,


            Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.


            I tried exporting as .idml file and re-opening, but all the paragraph styles went away (they still existed in the paragraph styles menu, but none were any longer applied to the document itself).


            However, I had not checked character styles, and this does indeed seem to play a role here – by selecting "none" in character styles for a bit of the running text that was coming up Meta instead of AGaramond, then checking "intro text" in paragraph styles, and voila – the correct style appeared as if by magic. Bravo!


            So I will delete ALL character styles from the original document, even those that do not appear to be interfering with paragraph styles. If I may ask another question, if I apply a character style in addition to a paragraph style (for instance, old style numbers in a regular paragraph), will it mess with the .mobi export?


            Thank you very much!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              First, .idml defintiely should not be interfering with the application of styles, so I think you have some serious problems in the file someplace. I would export each story to InDesign Tagged Text or RTF and place into a brand new file.


              I have absolutely no experience with the .mobi format, so I can't answer that with authority, but I would be very surprised if using character styles was a problem. That's a pretty basic feature of typography.

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                vcbloch Level 1

                Bummer. I've found that there are fairly regular file issues with the CC version of InDesign 6, as much as I like the program overall. Periodic "InDesign is shutting down" alerts, files that can't be recovered, things like that. I don't do a lot of complex work, just straightahead design firm kinds of things (annual reports and the like), but I've learned to just keep saving and roll with it and we get by. Never used to happen with previous versions, though.


                Anyway, Peter, I will go ahead and rebuild the file per your suggestion and hope that cleans things up (and thanks for opinion re: in-paragraph character styles, too).


                Thanks again – I appreciate your assistance!

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  CS6 might be a little buggier than CS5 was, but I certainly haven't seen a lot of crashing or problems with my own files created in CS6, and we don't get tons of reports of that sort here, either. Conversions from legacy files is another matter, however, and we've seen increasing numbers of reports, in my opinion, of problems that seem to crop up afer older files are directly converted by opeing the .indd file. Based on the number of  these reports I simple recommend never opeing an older version .indd or .indt file in CS5 or later. Instead, export to .inx or .idml from the original version and open that for conversion. If that's not possible, open the .indd or .indt, then export to .idml and resave before doing any editing (this is not as good, but better than not doing it).


                  If your files are starting out in CS6 (and it makes no differnce if you are a Cloud subscriber or have a perpetual license -- it's the same software) and you have continuing problems it usually means that you haven't kept up with patches or you have a configuration issue of some sort that is specific to your machine rather than a problem with the file itself. You'd be surprised what sort of seemingly innocuous programs can have conflicts with ID and cause instability or file damage.