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    youtube videos.

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      hi all.

      I´m trying to load some youtube videos in my flash app...I'm desperate.

      a quick example passing this url
      ( http://www.alumni.org.br/tmp/rodrigo/v.html) works fine online you can see
      it here:
      and this is the code used:loadMovie (" http://www.youtube.com/v/qUNZO1Xti1E",

      when i save this swf as an EXE flash file (projector) and execute it, I get
      the initial video screen but when I click Play it never plays...

      anyone knows why it works online as an swf and not as an EXE?

      thank you!

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          nobody knows?

          c'mom folks...

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            Hello Rodrigo,

            I believe that it has to do with the security settings for the FLV streaming Class. Not certain how but it may also have to do with that "Local playback security:" setting at the bottom of the Publish Settings... --> Flash (tab) where you can choose either "Access Network only" or "Access local files only".

            If you look under "NetStream.play" in Flash's AS2 help files, you will see some info about the sandboxes that NetStream can play in at any given time. Start digging into this.

            Sorry I can't be more specific, all these security things in Flash 8 are a bit of Voodoo for me. I know that your problem is related to this in some way, just not certain how.

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              thank you john

              I'm very sure that it´s something related with security too, since the user
              is opening an EXE file I guess that this should be enought to skip the
              security sandbox since is an exe anyway and the user should be aware about
              the risks.

              I'll dig a little more any news I'll post.

              thank you.