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    How do I make two page spreads export correctly to pdf with a book file?

    lokeanflamingo Level 1

      I have a book I am working on in the book pallet. I have several documents in the book and have it set to auto update page numbers and keep it all organized, which is all good. However, when I export to pdf, though the page numbers and order is correct, for some reason, if it is an odd number of pages I get spread, spread, single page, spread.


      Just how the first page is always single, any last pages of a document that has an odd number of pages always gets singled out and the next document resumes in spread format. This is all in one pdf file, which I exported from the book pallet with none of the documents selected or open. I have the box for spreads checked, and it is doing spreads, but just not linking documents as spreads.