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    Multiprocessing Issue




      I have always been using the multiprocessing option in after effects, for faster renders and ram previews. But recently when I have tried to render a composition, or make a ram preview it's been stuck at "initializing background processes". Disabling multiprocessing makes it able to render, but it's painfully slow when rendering large compositions since only 1 core is being used.


      Here's a paste of the details in multiprocessing.


      Installed RAM: 15,96 GBCurrent RAM Usage: 0,81 GBAllowed RAM Usage: 10,96 GB


      Process IDApplication NameMin Needed MemoryMax Usable MemoryMax Allowed MemoryCurrent MemoryCurrent Priority
      4872After Effects0,000,0010,960,003 - Low





      I am using AE CS6


      Here are some system specs of my PC.

      OS: Windows 8

      Installed RAM: 16GB

      Processor: Intel I7-3770 @ 3.40GHz

      GPU: Nvidia GTX 680


      I am running after effects on a 120gb ssd drive.