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    AdvancedDataGrid CheckBox Renderer - dataProvider with childFields


      Hello Flex Experts,


      I have an AdvancedDataGrid and want to insert a column in the first position that has only a checkbox.  I've been able to accomplish this visually 3 different ways ...


      1) overriding folderOpenIcon, folderClosedIcon with an external Renderer

      2) specifying an external itemRenderer on the column itself

      3) creating an in-line Renderer


      My issue is that my dataProvider has childFields - which causes the renders to not actually be invoked until the tree nav is expanded. 


      I need to have the checkboxes rendered without the folder icons.  It appears that overriding the Icon values kills any events - and when the items are recycled the checked items are lost.


      Is this possible?


      Thank you in advance for your input.