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    BD-RE burner only recognized as a DVD burner

    schubie Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      I´m using Premiere Elements 11 since yesterday and just finished my first DVD project without any problems. Wow - a complete new experience to me - I changed from VdL17deluxe.


      However, additional to DVD I´d like to burn it now to [BluRay]. Unfortunately Premiere doesn´t match to my burner HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L (LG) in case of BluRay. If choosing [DVD], Premiere offers "DVD to Disk" as well as "DVD to HDD-Folder". Not so at all if choosing [BluRay] destination. In this case Premiere notifies "No properly burner found" (... in my words, translated from german Premiere message dialog).


      In my opinion at least "burn BD to HDD" option should be available. Acctually "burn BD to HDD" should work in both cases, if Premiere recognizes any BD-RE burner as well as if not - actually.


      Anyway, the burner works well with Nero9 to all types of DVD and BD Disks including RW and DL .



      Win8pro/64, Adobe Premiere Elements 11 (was just updated online),

      Burner HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L (LG), Nero9 burning rom and nero vision installed,

      restarted Premiere and PC more than one time ...


      Is there anybody can send me an idea? Thanks well for any help!


      Regards from Germany


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Nero has always been notorious for competing for burners in a computer system. So, that is the first thought that comes to mind. Although one would wonder why not then the DVD side of things as well.


          If you use Publish+Share/Disc/AVCHD, with the burn to AVCHD format on a DVD disc, does Premiere Elements 11 then recognize your LG Blu-ray burner?




          1. First try, deleting the Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Prefs file found in Windows 8 64 bit:

          Local Disk C






          Premiere Elements


          and in the 11.0 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file that you delete.

          Make sure that you are working with Folder Options Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives ON.


          If that does not help, then


          2. Deactivating Premiere Elements 11 in a project via Help Menu/Deactivate. Then uninstall the program via the typical Control Panel route. Do a ccleaner regular and registry cleaning (making sure to back up registry when suggested by ccleaner). Then reinstall Premiere Elements 11 and see if the problem has resolved.


          3. If the problem persists, then would you consider uninstalling Nero 9 with the Nero Clean Tool, uninstalling Premiere Elements, doing your ccleaner procedure, and then reinstalling Premiere Elements. If that works, then we can decide what next with regard to Nero. Do you have the Nero InCD installed?


          Please review the above and let us know before you begin if you need clarification on anything that I have written.


          Thank you.



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            schubie Level 1

            At first thank you well !


            So, if using Publish+Share/Disc there are thease options:

            a) DVD: record on [Disc] -> no medium inside (but it is!).

            b) DVD: record on [Folder 4,7GB], [Folder 8,5GB] -> works well.
            c) Blu-ray: record on [Disk] -> no burner found

            d) Blu-ray: record on [Folder] is no option in "record on",
                that´s what Im missing, Should available 25GB and 50GB(?)

            e) AVCHD: record on [Disk] -> no burner found

            f) AVCHD: record on [Folder 4,7GB], [Folder 8,5GB] -> works well.


            Well, I see one generally problem in in cases a, c, e depending on missing an aspected burner configuration. OK, but that´s not my problem. I don´t need to burn any Blu-ray or DVD medium. I´d like to create Folders on HDD to generate iso-images to play on my DUNE network player. Once if i´d burne a medium for friends, that will be a Job for Nero, than.

            I see a different problem (and that´s my problem) is case (d) [Blu-ray to HDD].

            What (d) [Blu-ray to HDD] needs any burner for? And now:

            Why (f) [AVCHD to HDD] works well without founding any burner? 
            This is a different behavior in comparable cases, isn´t it?
            In my eyes it looks a bit bugy at the Pre11-side?


            OK, what I´ve done till now?

            Your consider 1.) did not help, I´m sorry. It was a bit tricky to find english folder names in german windows installation but I learnd. So I deleted file, than Pre11 created a new one itself by restarting (.. for verifying I´ve done right).


            Before trying considers 2) and 3) i´d like to know your opinion to the fact that [Blu-ray to HDD] should work well because [AVCHD to HDD] does.

            Both should work without any burner in the PC, should it?

            In this case I´d prefer to wait for a bugfix on the Pre11-side?

            Thank you for your opinion



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thank you for the additional information,


              Your success with burn to folder and not with burn to for DVD-VIDEO and AVCHD on DVD disc as well as Blu-ray suggests to me that Premiere Elements burn software is working and that you have a Blu-ray DVD burner problem.


              a. your burner is not supported by Premiere Elements 11


              b. there is competition between Premiere Elements 11 and some other software (maybe Nero) for the driver


              c. the burner and  is defective


              d. other, including DVD disc problem in one instance


              Do you have access to an alternative burner, perhaps a borrowed USB external Blu-ray DVD drive?


              I would encourage you to rule in or out factors related to my suggestions 2 and 3.


              I see that you have expressed interest in creating disc images. Have you ever heard of or used the Phantom Burner in conjunction with Premiere Elements 11? It is a virtual burner into which you insert virtual discs (CD-R, DVD+RW, or BD-RE). When the Phantom Burner is installed on your computer, you should see it listed among your drives in Computer. When you open Premiere Elements 11, you should see it available in burner location in the burn dialog. The Phantom Burner tryout allows for no more than max 50 MB for CD and 1.4 GB for DVD or BD media.

              I have written about this a long time ago at a forum which I no longer visit nor answer questions. So, if you have any questions on the following thread, then please ask me here in your thread.



              In Premiere Elements 11 - Phantom Burner, DVD-VIDEO no glitches. But in Premiere Elements 11, Blu-ray, it goes through the whole process in Premiere Elements 11 leaving you with a message "Device Error" at the end. But, if you click yes to get out of the burn dialog and check your saved Blu-ray disc image, it is alive and well in its hard drive save location. This glitch did not happen in many of the earlier version of Premiere Elements.


              Now to the matter of your Premiere Elements 11 Timeline successfully going through the Publish+Share/Disc/AVCDH burn to folder process. The settings shown appear to be specific for a folder designed for DVD disc 4.7 GB or 8.5 GB. You might want to explore some observations that I have made in this regard.


              1. The AVCHD burn to folder 4.7 GB generates a saved folder saved to the computer hard drive. This saved folder contains a BDMV Folder. There is no CERTIFICATE Folder characteristic of Blu-ray burn to disc.

              2. If you take that BDMV Folder into a program such as IMGBurn, you can obtain a BD-RE disc with the data (Data Type Mode1/2048 and File System9(s) UDF 2.50) plus a Certificate Folder. You might want to rule this workflow in or out for your purposes.


              Please review and then let us know of your progress.





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                schubie Level 1

                Thanks again for great support!


                I´d like to use ccleaner at last. So next I followed the phantom burner suggestions:

                Anyway, I wanted hold phantom free from other burning software, so I


                • first deleted all programs that included any burning function (Pre11E, nero, Shrink, Zune..) 
                • than used the nero cleaner
                • as a "soft try" I didn´t use any ccleaner (not yet, yes I know ....).
                • Re-installed Pre11E + Online-Update.
                • -> same behavioure as before (As I should knew before).
                • installed phantomCD -> Phantom CD drive was created,
                • created a small Pre11E project depending on Phantom data limit. Phantom Burner was found in DVD/BD/AVCHD, but in all cases "no medium was found". Depending on this fact I wasn´t able to enter the burn dialog (to follow the "Device Error" - idea).

                But there was a change in
                a) LG-Burner:  DVD: record on [Disc] -> ready (disk was found in LG burner now!).



                I´ll follow your next suggestions:

                • I just ordered a new extern recorder Panasonic BD UJ260 for an additional try.
                • If this doesn´t work, I will follow your suggestions 2+3 using ccleaner. All in all I will need some days now for doing and report.


                btw: Thanks for your suggestion aboud burning AVCHD streams to BD. I already burned AVCHD disk (DVD) from Folder via Nero9. But I don´t prefer to burn AVCHD-streams (15Mbit) to Blu-ray disks because of limited datarate. My video source clips created by Canon EOS 5D MK2 and at least by EOS 6D by datarates around 40 Mbit/s and 1080p. I´m looking forward to safe maximum encoding quality by Pre11 Blu-ray project.   


                Important news:
                I was very surprised today when I read in german adobe help (not in forum), that burn-to-folder option is not available in Pre11 Elements Blu-ray project?! Could you please verify this and give me a message? If this option lacks, the phantom idea would be the only solution?!


                Thanks again for help!


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up.


                  1. No burn to folder for Blu-ray in Premiere Elements (any version). Constant complaint that made the Phantom Burner so valuable.


                  2. Phantom Burner: When you right clicked the Phantom Burner drive in Computer drive area, selected Create Image, said No to buy, did you include going to Media and selecting BD-RE (your virtual disc) for the Blu-ray before you were in the Premiere Elements burn dialog for burn to Blu-ray using the Phantom Burner?

                  Please verify if you are using Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7 or 8 64 bit? I have not been able to use the Phantom Burner with Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 8 64 bit.


                  We will be watching for further developments.



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                    schubie Level 1

                      now you got it  


                    I had a old version of Phantone. The actually 64 bit version works well on Win8/64 with Pre11E. I just generated Blu-Ray Folders into a Phantome BD-Disk image.


                    So, your support was very helpfull.

                    Thank you for your patience and quickly answering.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for that great great news.


                      What link did you use for the Phantom Burner for your Windows 8 64 bit? A few months ago, I was having problems with the Phantom Burner on Windows 8 64 bit laptop and have not looked at it since. I will give it another look.


                      Continued success.



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                        schubie Level 1

                        Hi ATR


                        I´m not sure ... links to venders ar allowed in this forum?




                        In tab [Demoversion] I tryed out the 64 bit version

                        I just purchased the full version, I installed it and - it works.


                        Thanks again!


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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks. I will check out the demo as compared to the demo version that I have been using in Windows 8 64 bit laptop.


                          Since Premiere Elements (any version) does not offer burn to folder for Blu-ray and the Phantom Burner with Premiere Elements will, I do not think that there should be a problem in this particular case for posting the link for what worked for you in your Premiere Elements/burner situation. I think that it would be a major contribution to anyone with a problem similar to yours.


                          Steve Grisetti, the forum moderator, will let us know if there is a problem. But I do not believe there should be one. I will take the responsibility for asking if there is any question.


                          We are so pleased with your progress.





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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            I downloaded the Phantom Drive that you found successful for the Premiere Elements 11 - Phantom Drive burn to folder for Blu-ray, using Windows 8 64 bit.


                            In my Premiere Elements 11 - Phantom Drive on Windows 8 64 bit, this Phantom Drive demo does show up in the Burner Location of Premiere Elements 11, and its virtual BD disc is recognized. But it goes through the burn to folder, stopping at 99% freezing up the whole computer. I believe this Phantom Drive is different than what I have been using and which is called Phantom Burner. Unless one company bought out another, I believe two different companies are involved. Not sure right now.


                            But, for now, you are moving forward with your projects and that is good to know.


                            Thank you.



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                              schubie Level 1



                              Yes, I also was wondering because it looked like writing process driezed at 99 percent. But I waited ... and - after app. 2-3 minutes it finished by dialog "burning process is finished". Now I burned fore small images this way (comparing results by different source files EOS6D.mov, LR-Export to .mov, LR-Export to mp4).


                              By sharing Phantom drive in network I´m now able to check Pre11 results direktly by TV via dune network mediaplayer. Thats very comfortable


                              Good luck! 

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                                schubie Level 1



                                Finally I´d like to report my results after I changed my burner:


                                LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L didn´t comunicate correctly to pre11E in most cases (burner not found, and if burner found, than medium not found). The problem could not be fixed by de-installing of all programms that includes any recording function (nero ...). 


                                Panasonic BD UJ260 connected via USB: works well in all cases! I re-installed all programs I de-installed bevor, and the BD UJ260 still works well. 


                                Phantom-Drive works well too in all cases. It is helpful to burn a Blu-ray project to a imaginary Disk in a imaginary Drive, for checking results by PowerDVD or networkplayer immediatly.

                                At the end of writing the project burn process seems to freeze at 99 percent, but its only pausing and after a while it ends correctly. My interpretation of the manuel is, that burning process (lets say a 10GB project) brings the counter to 99 percent. After that it needs a rest of time (15GB in my example) for writing the empty part of the imagionary Disk. This time the counter seems freezed at 99 percent, and it comes up to 100 if finished. However, sometime It ends by en error message, but the results were ok in all cases.


                                And Wow:

                                Also my Audiograbber found a Diskdrive finally now!!! That problem I coudn´t fix for years and it was caused by my LG burner too, incredible!


                                So thanks to the forum for helping me to find my solution(s).



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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  Thanks for the follow up on your burner recognition issue and great, great news which will be a contribution to the Premiere Elements community.


                                  Good Job.



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                                    Fanbird Level 1

                                    ATR, Hi old friend from Vesta

                                    I have a new laptop coming next week that was special build

                                    Windows 7 professional

                                    LG Slim Sata 6X Blu-ray Burner

                                    Cyberlnk DVD 10 OEM for window 7/8

                                    PRE11 and PSE11


                                    Will I need the Phantom Burner on my new computer.


                                    I am so glad to find you. My name here will be Fanbird after my hobby of carving.

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                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                      Dear friend. So glad to hear from you and be able to assist you with your exciting new Elements 11 on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.


                                      I would focus on the burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc and determine if Premiere Elements 11 is going to recognize your burner. I would suggest that you invest in the minimum and least expensive packaging of Verbatim BD-RE 25 GB 2X disc. They can be used and erased by Premiere Elements. Check online for the best price. I am still working from the first one of a package of 10. Identify your player(s). See if the CyberLink software that comes with your burner plays back your Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc. The VLC Media Player is a popular free player of Blu-ray that might be useful. Do you have a standalone Blu-ray player?


                                      I would postpone the use of the Phantom Burner for now, but it is a good thought for later on as a workaround around for the absence of burn to folder for Blu-ray burn to disc if want to want to get into disc images. If you have not already, please check out my thread on the Phantom Burner


                                      It worked better in earlier versions of Premiere Elements. In version 11 on Windows 7 64 bit, I have been getting a Device Error at the end (99%), but, if I cancel out and close the Publish+Share area and go to the hard drive save location for the disc image created, I find it OK. Still have not figured that one out yet.


                                      Lots for you to explore and experiment with. Exciting times. Let us see what the basics look like after you set up your new system. Then we can go into specifics.


                                      You should be ready for some great video taking, editing, and exporting for the holidays and in between.


                                      So good to hear from you.



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                                        Fanbird Level 1


                                             My Blu-ray player is not standalone but built in to my new laptop, I should get my new computer sometime next week as they just finished the phases of checking everything possible making sure of all the technical stuff and that everything is compatible.


                                              I paid more than I wanted to but this is my last laptop and hopefully it will meet my needs as my 8 year old laptop did until I can no longer do any video editing on it but I still can use PSE11. I guess it was a good thing 8 years ago in buying a dual core. PRE 3 worked okay then.


                                        Do you remember the Easter video I created a couple of years back they replayed that this last Easter? I remember all your help then so it is very good to know where I can get that kind of help again.

                                        Thanks again