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    Edge Inspect not working for domain.dev URL's running locally on my laptop, displays error message.

    durangoodyear Level 1

      "An error occured

      Web page not availiable".


      This, printed on a white screen, on my iphone5 (OSX and iOS all running latest updates, latest Adobe Edge Inspect, freshly downloaded) is all I see when I try to visit any of the sites I run on my laptop with Apache.


      I set up my domains as "http://foobar.dev"  (where '.dev' is the TLD on my localhost for things ... local).


      I can view any public internet sites, and they will show up on Edge Inspect on my phone, with no problem.


      I've tested this with turning off the firewall on my computer... (but I'm surprised thats how edge works, but what ever).




      Any guides? tricks? help?