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    multiple videos

      I am trying to play and control multiple small (160x120) QT or AVI videos simultaneously. I tried a grid of 50 playing on one frame with the "go to the frame" loop. Each video cycles through once then stops and then the next video plays and cycles through once then stops and on to the next. I want them to play at the same time and then control each with LINGO commands.
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          mark_sip Level 1
          Was able to get 9 avi videos to play at the same time. Seems like it is working OK. Would like know if I can have more.
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            Applied CD Level 1
            How are you going to distribute the final project? If it’s CD or DVD you might want to check performance from burned media early on. I recently had a project that had to play just two videos simultaneous from DVD-ROM, worked fine from my HD but most machines couldn’t keep up when reading two streams from a DVD. In my case the videos were large (720x480 MPG 2) so your mileage may vary. Just FYI, our solution was to copy the videos to the user’s temp folder while other content was playing, then use the copy in the temp folder as the source. We wrote the code to be smart enough to check for the videos first, so if they had already been copied from a previous run we didn’t waste time copying again, also, if the copy failed for any reason the projector would switch to the DVD source since we figured choppy video was better than no video at all.