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    How to swap MovieClips?

    uxk Level 1
      I have two different MovieClips of different graphics (blue_mc and green_mc), and onother MovieClip (grey_mc).
      When I click on any one of the two MovieClips, it should swap with the grey_mc.
      When I click on green_mc, the grey_mc changes to green_mc. However, when I click on blue_mc, nothing happens.
      I should click on green_mc again to reset it, then when I can click on the blue_mc, it swaps the grey_mc.

      Any simpler way to make this works..

      (Please note: I have used another two MC, bl_mc and gr_mc and placed them behind the grey_mc)

      Thank you

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          Starlover_jacob Level 1

          what i would do is change the _x and _y positions of the movieclip and move it outside the stage.
          so if you see the blue_mc and click on it.. the grey_mc is moved to the x and y position of the blue_mc and the blue_mc._x and y are set to values outside the stage.

          maybe not a nice way to do it but it works fine :-D

          Greetz, jacob