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    Exporting Good Quality 50P Footage?


      Hi All,


      I am a scientist studying animal behaviour and I have filmed footage using a Sony NX70 at 1080/50P AVCHD, and using GoPros at 720/50P and 1080/25P. I need to keep the footage at 50p because I am looking at detailed (and very fast) behavoiurs frame by frame.


      I can edit and view the footage (albeit very jumpy) at 50P in Premiere CS6, but I cant work out a way of exporting a 50P clip for analysis. I have tried exporting at HDV 720p50, but the exported clip is still 25p.


      Any ideas?

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          Your footage should not be jumpy. If 50p is a problem on your computer, you should address that issue. Perhaps get a graphics card from the list of cards that work with the Mercury acceleration. Or, perhaps your sequence does not match your fps?


          Nonetheless, export using H.264 and you can choose 50p without a problem. Start with a 25p YouTube setting, for example, and you can modify what you want to make it something like this: