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    JS to add url hyperlink to a rectangle shape?

    eboda_snaf Level 1

      Hi there,


      Any JS script to add a url hyperlink to a shape object ?


      Thanks a million....

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          here's a script that might help you. I made it and tested it only for InDesign CS5.5.

          How to use it: select any object in InDesign then run the script. At first, the script will try to see in the clipboard has valid URL (well, a text startiong with http…) and if so, the clipboard will be take as a good URL for the new created button. If no valid URL in the clipboard, the script will ask for the URL to be entered manually. If the ibject is a text frame, the script will try to take the text from inside the frame as a URL – if not valid, then the dialog pops up.



          // -------------------------------------------- BEGIN SCRIPT ----------------------------------------------


          if (app.selection.length==1) {

          //get the selected object (only one object)

          var xOBJECT = app.selection[0];

          var xPAGE = xOBJECT.parentPage;

          var xBOUNDS = xOBJECT.geometricBounds;



          //create the button

          var xBUTT = xPAGE.buttons.add({geometricBounds:xBOUNDS});

          //add selected object to the normal state


          //create the gotoURL behavior

          var xGOTOURL = xBUTT.gotoURLBehaviors.add({behaviorEvent:BehaviorEvents.mouseUp});



          //get the clipboard

          var xTEMP = app.documents[0].textFrames.add(); xTEMP.insertionPoints[-1].select(); app.paste(); var xCLIP = xTEMP.parentStory.contents; xTEMP.remove();



          //check the clipboard or text frame's text; if it does not starts with "http" then it's not good and a dialog asking a good URL will popup

          if (xOBJECT.constructor.name!="Rectangle")


              var xURL = xOBJECT.parentStory.contents;

          } else {

              var xURL = xCLIP;




          if (xURL.substring(0, 6)!="http://") {

          // do the dialog here

          var xDIAG = app.dialogs.add();

          with (xDIAG.dialogColumns.add().dialogRows.add()){staticTexts.add({staticLabel:"Enter URL:"}); var xURLTEXT = textEditboxes.add({editContents:xCLIP, minWidth:160});}

          var xRESULT = xDIAG.show({name:"Button creation"});

          if (xRESULT == true){xURL = xURLTEXT.editContents; xDIAG.destroy();} else { xURL="http://"; xDIAG.destroy();}   



          // set the URL to the behavior



          // -------------------------------------------- END SCRIPT ----------------------------------------------


          Have fun!