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    Need some general help with Premiere's user interface.


      I edit primarily with FCP 7 still and occasional work in Premiere. And use to cut in Avid. I want to do a detailed and professional comparison to post for my blog at AlikGriffin.com


      My few questions that I can't figure out still:


      Is there is quick and easy way to globally adjust volume via the rubber bands? with FCP it's cntrl+ ' [ ] ' or ' -= '.  I'm not talking the tracks gain either since that's super sloppy and should never be touched.


      Second, is there a way to make a still frame and have it instantly appear in your viewer window ready to lay in? I do a lot of Game trailers and TV spots. This would be helpful.


      And third, does premiere have any other more advanced time remapping controls, or are they coming soon? Like being able to edit points of time with keyframes, like in AE or FCP? This is vital to me and all the other editing applications besides FCP7 sucks at this. It's unfortunte, unless there is something I'm not seeing in Premiere?


      Thanks. Let me know of any other cool features too. Like how is working with 5.1?


      Things I'm trying to figure out are usually hotkey related, hotkeys make my day go faster and being able to move clips up and down tracks, turning clips on and off, adding cross dissolves and audio fades are super useful and almost a requirement for me to work. I've spent hours looking through the keyboard remapping section. I want to be able to close gaps without clicking the gap everytime with the mouse. I use premiere more and more but FCP7 still seems like it's user interface is so much faster. Still even faster than FCPX. I'm looking to leave FCP 7 soon and it's either Avid, Premiere or FCPX if they do something about that aweful magnetic timeline that is not compatible with trailer editors that want to dip to black occationally. So far premiere is looking the best but seems to be the slowest.



      Thanks guys!