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    Advise needed on writing reusable components/customizations

    dnii Level 1
      My application requires heavy styling of the DataGrid control. Some of it is plain for the looks of things and the others are for data visualization.

      Many, if not all of the styling customizations will be interesting for reuse in other projects as well, so that I am attempting to create them as generic components in a library.

      Now, on one hand I would like each customization be its own component (be it an extended class in ActionScript or an MXML component) so that I can pick and chose them as needed for other projects. But then how do I combine a couple of styles for a DataGrid if each one of them is an extension of the DataGrid class?

      For example, I would have Style1DataGrid.as, Style2DataGrid.as, and Style3DataGrid.as and would like to use "styles" 1 and 3 for my applicationA and "styles" 2 and 3 for my applicationB.

      How should I go about this kind of reuse? What method/approach do you use for such a scenario?