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    Video and audio are not synchronized


      When I open GoPro 3 black file (1280 x 720, 120 fps) at PE 10, video and audio are not synchronized. For example in 17 min file video runs few seconds late. In some cases PE doubles duration of the opened file (1280 x 720, 120 fps)  and video runs far after audio. For example 14 min file turns to 28 min. I have tried several project presettings. Other framerate options work fine. Even 220 fps. Any ideas?

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          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          This is the Premiere Elements Forum and you come with a Premiere Elements question, nonetheless this Premiere Pro thread on the Go Pro 3 720p120 issue seems like good background information, especially when it comes to comparing behavior of 720p120 with that of 720p beyond 120 frames per second.



          Is it feasible to unlink the audio from the video and nudge the audio to be in sync with video if we are talking about only a few seconds late for the out of sync?

          (Select audio, hold down Alt key of computer main keyboard as you tap one of the arrow keys - 1 tap represents a 1 frame nudge. And, hold down Shift + Alt (altogether) and tap one of the arrow keys - 1 tap represents  a 5 frames nudge.