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    Sticky Slices, Layers & Text with Photoshop CS5


      OK, I've searched and searched with no luck so any advice would be much appreciated.


      I run PS CS5 with Windows 7 on a Bootcamp Macbook.


      About 40% of the time when I want to nudge slices, layers or text fields nothing will happen until I hit space (hand tool) and shift the canvas. It's as if moving it wakes Photoshop up and it re-renders the screen with the newly positioned element.


      This gets quite tedious and like I say, strangely doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes I can shut the program down and it will go away when reopened and sometimes not. Other times, this bug won't happen for a day or two then rear its head again for no apparent reason.


      I'd be eternally grateful if anyone can shed some light on how to fix this.


      Many thanks,