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    How to control timeline sound of external SWF


      Hi All,

      Basic Intro:

      I am new in Action Script and trying to create a video tutorial framwork. In this I have lots of animated SWF files in all the files I have multiple scenes as those are 5min. to 10 min. each and all the files have the relevent background and nurration voice place directly on the TIMELINE frame by frame to match lip syncing animated chreactors.


      My file structure :


      1. Login.swf with login box is embedded into the Index.html
      2. After logged in it will load another SWF which is Control panel.swf
      3. 3. Controlpanel.swf has the controls to control the loaded external swf files i.e.: Chapter menu, Play, pause, replay, volume-bar, next and previous buttons.
      4. By Default Controlpanel.swf will open chapter1.swf as soon as user logged in so no one need to open 1st file.
      5. Here user can navigate to other chapter swf file through Chapter menu or Next and Previous buttons.


      All files are loading and playing properly, here I am trying to control the animation and Sound both at a same time with Pause, Play and Replay through relevant buttons.



      By pressing “Pause button” animation stops but not the sound. Sound remains playing, and if I replay the swf by “Replay button” than animation restarts but sound also restarts that overlaps already playing audio.


      Question: So could anybody help me finding out how to:
      1. Pause the sound with animation by the same click of Pause button, and

      2. Stop the sound with animation by the same click of Stop button, and

      3. On replay it should stop playing the previously running audio and restart it with the animation like fresh loaded file, it should not sound overlapping.


      Here I am using the sound file on the same time line of each individual swf file which I cannot add into any single movie clip because all the chapter swf file are having multiple scenes in it.


      For my problem I have already done a lot of browsing online in various forums and didn't find the solution. So here I am sharing the complete information regarding the project and wishing to get some good solution out here but if I missed any helpful information please ask me anytime and please help me to quickly find out the solution.


      Thanks a lot to all of you in advance to help me.