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    Page content items moving when pages are deleted?

    John SNIRL

      I have created a multi-page page report document using facing pages and master pages. I needed to delete the first 2 pages from the document, both of which were plain pages. When I deleted the pages seemingly random page elements jumped from one spread to the next, causing page elements on that page to move to the right over the edge of the page boundary. This happened throughout the document.


      I reverted to the previous version, unchecked "allow pages to shuffle" from all spreads, deleted the pages again and the problem did not persist.


      However, I am trying to understand why this would happen to avoid it again in the future. My understanding was the pages shuffling would allow pages to re-flow but I didnt think that page elements woudl jump from one page to another? Plus my deletion of a pair of pages should not have caused any re-flow.


      I would be grateful if anyone had any experience of this and could shed some light!