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    PDF in Workspace calling a Livecycle Process via SOAP, using LoadXML() script to load result set.

    8_BIT_PLATOON Level 1

      Hi All,



      1) I have a PDF which loads into Workspace.

      2) On a user click, the PDF does a lookup to a Livecycle Process via SOAP (wsdl)

      3) The webservice returns a string (which is an XML).

      4) I take the xml and load it into the relevant "results" subform using the resultsSubform.loadXML() and xfa.form.merge() functions.



      1) This works x number of times and then the x+1'th time the whole Browser PDF plug-in crashes and closes down.


      The popup appears:

      - "Adobe Reader has stopped working"

      Application Name: AcroRd32.exe

      Application Version: (the latest)

      Fault Module Name: AcroForm.api



      1) Is the combination of functions loadXML() and xfa.form.merge() correct - is there something I should be aware of?

      2) Can a LC Process-Webservice return XML as actual an XML complex type that can be interepreted or can it only return an XML string/object