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    error r6025 from Indesign


      I get an error of R6025 then InDesign crashes... when exporting an .indb file to digital editions.  My computer in a PC running win xp sp3.  How do I fix this error . Indesign has all the newest updates.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Let's start by finding out what version of ID you are using, and if you've applied all the available patches...

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            999Rick Level 1

            Im using CS4 Indesign and all updates for this application have been included.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              That error is a bad call to the C++ runtime library and can be caused by bad plugins, bad fonts, or a problem in ID itself, as well as by a device driver.


              See http://forums.adobe.com/thread/329701 and Replace Your Preferences as starting points. You may needt to uninstall and reinstall ID to fix this, though.

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                999Rick Level 1

                Thanks Peter... can I re-install just inDesign???? Will I have a licence problem re-installing.  This is my second install on two of my computers. How do you go about this properly?  Do I uninstall everything I installed in the Adobe Design Premium CS4?


                Also in the one page ....from a link yousent me above I went to....Replace the Preferences files i use XP home - I do not have any file named SavedData in any of my folders under the ADOBE folder. I did remane the defaults in the InDesign folder.  SHould I have one of the for CS4?


                By the way in the one link you sent... it's the frst one ... the last guy seemed to have a fix... something to do with the word "acceleration" but where and what is that?  It just says replacing acceleration worked.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Start by replacing the prefs and disabling any third parrty plugins. If that doesn't work, turn off harware acceleration in the Video driver. Reinstalling is the last resort.


                  You can try a "Repair" install or uninstall and reinstall just ID from the original installer. If that doesn't work, deactivate, uninstall everything, run the clean script (CS Cleaner Tool for installation problems | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3) and reinstall. You shouldn't have any problem reactivating, but if you do, call the phone number on the warning screen and explain what happened, and the rep should reset the counter for you with no hassle.

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                    999Rick Level 1

                    i put the first CD in my computer and the install pop up is displayed but there is no option for repair anywhere on the screen I checked InDesign nothing further appeared so I quit the install.  How and where is the Repair option?

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Isee I sort of skipped over the questions about InDesign SavedData and video acceleration the last time...


                      InDesign SavedData is in a different folder in your user profile. You have to go down through the \Local Settings\... branch -- take a closer look at  the paths in the link.


                      to turn off video acceleration in XP right-click a blank spot onthe desktop, select Properties, then the Settings tab, press the Advanced button, and go to the Troubleshooting tab.


                      I have to log off the web browser for a few minutes so I can run the CS4 installer to see what it says.... Back shortly.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        OK, looks like CS4 does NOT use the term Repair, so if you need to  reinstall choose the custom option and choose ID. It should overwrite  the old version. Also expand the support components list and reinstall anything that looks like it might pertain. You'll need to run the updater after to bting things back to date.

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                          999Rick Level 1

                          Please listen... can this problem actually be solved.  I have an eBook to get out.  Adobe told me I could use InDesign when I bought CS4.  The eBook is over 250 pages. So I'm afraid of starting this book then not being able to creatre a.epub file. This error is occurring after the file is created.  I loaded it into an iPAD today but it's only 7 pages of the 250 pages.  Looks great!  I would like this error to be corrected without loosing my styles ... they were time consuming and difficult to get right.


                          If you think we can solve this error then I'll continue trying to do what you suggest.


                          so far nothing has worked.  Not the acceleration, renaming the files, the latestest updates have been applied. I will reinstall but I need to save my styles somehow... how do I do that?


                          I'm very upset about this error. it's happening on both my computers. One has hardly anything on it. It's seems like bad code???  Please advise.  Time is short on this project!

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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            You say this is now happeing on two computers? Have you installed any new software or run updates on both of them recently that might account for this? Have you tried a System Restore to a point where it worked on either machine?


                            Which styles are you talking about? Paragraph, character and object styles are all saved inside the .indd file. Document presets and the like can be saved to external files and reloaded by follwing the suggestions for backing up in preferences link.


                            Keep in mind that just about everyone here is an ordinary user, albeit most of us have years of real world experience. I understand this upsetting, but this particular error is a hard one to pin down (as you can tell if you google it). Sometimes you just have to try differnt things, in order of pain, to find the one that works.


                            eBook covers a lot of territory as far as formats, so I don't know what sort of final output you are going to produce, but CS4 will be three versions obsolete next week when InDesign CC is released. There are MAJOR improvements to the tools used to produce ePub, if that is your target. You might well want to try CS6 or wait for the CC version on the 17th (CC is a subscription, however, not the traditional license, and the new versiuons will require Windows 7 or newer). CS6 will remain available as a traditionallly licensed product, however). I'm not sure what the status is on upgrade pricing for CS6, but your CS4 will qualify you for a first-year discount on a subscription to Creative Cloud and the CC versions.


                            As far as will a reinstall work? In my opinion it will (if the System Restore also does not), but I can't offer an absolute guarantee, and in your position I would make a backup image of the computer before uninstalling, just in case (and I recommend doing frequent backups as a matter of course -- I can't tell you how much time and aggravation they will save you when somthing goes really wrong). I would then do a full uninstall of the entire Suite, run the cleaner tool, do a clean boot (run MSConfig and turn off unnecessary startup programs and services see How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista for directions that are esentially the same for XP). Reinstall and run MSConfig again to restore normal startup, then update the applications. Again, I can't guarantee it will work, but the odds are good. There is a small chance, though, that you will be no better off, and possibly worse, so you need to make that choice.

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                              999Rick Level 1

                              The error was first noticed on the older computer.  So I had a newer more powerful computer not being used. Thinking this error was due to the fact that the older computer was not able.... I installed the all the Adobe programs on it.


                              Nothing new was added to the newer one.


                              So I got the same error. 


                              This is the first time I've used InDesign to create an eBook. The error occurs after the .epub file is created. 


                              If I don't solve this error do you think it would still create an .epub file when I feed it the entire .indd file?  It would be quite large. I'm only running 7 pages right now. The book will have over 250 pages. 


                              I would be crossing my fingers that it completes the .epub file at that point.


                              If it does create the epub file when i convert the large file then I don't care about the error.


                              Can you tell me what am I supposed to do with the CD named CONTENTS.  Am I suposed to install that somehow.  If so how. I have not installed anything but disk #1 & #2.






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                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                I have a feeling that the problem could be related to a Windows update at some point in time that may have overwritten the MSCRT dll that ID uses, but I'm not certain of it. The only way I know t find out if exporting the entire book will work is to try.


                                As far as the Content disk is concerned, there are "extra" things on it that might be of use to some users, but not necessarily everyone (some Photoshop plugins, for example). There's also a slew of fonts.

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                                  999Rick Level 1

                                  The content disk doesn't do anything when inserted. No menu pops up. How do I use it. Do I open explorer and just copy from it?



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                                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                    That's correct.