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    Editing PDF's




      I'm a new designer and learning as I go, therefore, I would be really grateful for some advice (apologies if this topic should be here)


      I have a client who wants me to amend some factsheet PDF's to remove the current companies logo and add there's in (they have permission).  As I have only been supplied with the PDFs I will not be able to do this will i?


      So the question I'm asking is what should I be asking for to be able to do this?  the InDesign files?


      Thanks in advance for your help, please let me know if you need any further information.


      Ally :-)

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @frus88 – you can do that with Adobe Acrobat Pro and (depending on the type of image) PhotoShop or Illustrator.
          Better, of course, would be changing the original files (InDesign?).

          When using Acrobat Pro you could use the TouchUp object tool: just select the object you like to change, right click and chose: "Edit Object…". The selected object will be loaded to PhotoShop (pixel based graphic) or Illustrator (vector based object). After editing the object, just save and close the file without renaming it. The changes will be applied in the PDF.



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            MW Design Level 5

            Or you can open the PDF in Illustrator and create a new PDF if the previous reply doesn't work out.


            If you want to see what created the PDF file itself, look in the document properties inside acrobat. Having the original file will always be the best work flow.



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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Another option might be to Place the PDF in InDesign, then mask out the unwanted element(s), either by resizing/reshaping the frame to crop, or layering over with new frames filled with [Paper] and/or the replacement element(s).


              It's not ideal, of course, but in a pinch I've even constructed whole new layouts re-using and rearranging cropped bits of PDF documents.

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                Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                All those ideas are great - I don't really like the one about opening the PDF in illustrator - that's opening a can of worms. There could be font issues and text moves or slides behind other things, clipping masks etc. can go awry.

                I'd avoid opening in Illustrator unless an absolute last resort.



                The Touch Up in the Acrobat Pro is the best bet I think and will probably do the trick.


                Other than that masking it in InDesign is a good bet too.




                Thoroughly agree that getting the Source Files is best!


                If you have can't get the source files then you should recreate the document properly when you get time so the next round of edits is easier.