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    Web App Breadcrumbs not updating?

    BlancTeamWebMaster Level 1

      Hi, I had a question about breadcrumb navigation.


      I have a web app, that I recently renamed. (I know you have to re-insert the web app after making the change, which I did. ) However the breadcrumbs are still showing the old name. I've checked the web app url, re-inserted the web app, and even re-inserted the breadcrumb tag. I'm not sure what else I need to update in order for this to reflect the correct path?


      Here is a screencast: http://www.screencast.com/t/SNcUvuxwGCEQ


      The link to the site is: http://smalisconveyors.businesscatalyst.com/smalis-conveyors/top-truss-channel-frame-conve yor

      (The web app is under the page "Conveyors", and it's named  "smalis-conveyors", previously "programs". )