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    Selecting different parts of timeline issues

    Crooked Path Films Level 1

      So I've been living with it, but it's time to post about it because I think it's an issue.  Sometimes when I want to select a point on the timeline (and I don't mean scrubbing), it will take a few seconds to register the image.  This I am fine with, as different effects and other GPU intense effects need time to display if it wasn't rendered.  The thing I can't stand is that when I move to such a point on the timeline, wait a second, then move to another point on the timeline...it's as if Premiere is still working on the previous preview and the cursor "jumps" back to the previous point when it's ready to display.  Sometimes I try several times over and over and it keeps jumping back to the previous place.  I think it would be REALLY great if Premiere would not do that. 


      By the way, setting paused and/or playback resolution to 1/4 doesn't help...it still doest it.  I also know that rendering the timeline would fix it, but again I'm okay with it taking a sec to display a GPU intensive part of the timeline, but I when I give up and select a different part it would be nice NOT to have the cursor keep jumping back.


      Any thoughts would be great.