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    inDesign CS6 Crashes when updating a placed indd, containing a placed indd

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      I bright this up about a year ago, and just wanted to try addressing it one more time...


      The issue is if you have an inDesign document that contains a placed inDesign document (indd) that also contains a placed indd, if you use the "edit original" feature, inDesign will crash as it attempts to update the changes to the main document after closing and saving.


      indd2.jpg indd3.jpg


      Now, closing and saving is the key term, as just as I was about to re-present this issue, I discovered a solution/workaround.


      In my previous video, and in the one below, when closing the placed indd, I simply click the [x]. inDesign prompts to save, I click [Yes] and then inDesign proceeds to crash.

      Additionally, even if you save first, and then close, inDesing will still crash.


      However, if you save, and then return to the containing indd, without closing the placed indd, the containing indd will successfully update. You can then close the placed indd without crashing inDesign.