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    Calling ExtendScript from ActionScript


      Hi All,


      Currently I am working with Premiere Pro cs6 flex panel,

      so the panel development is happening using Action script in CS Extension Builder,

      For some critical purpose I need to call  an Extend script (.jsx) function from action script.

      I am trying access the function using CSInterface.instance.evalScript("jsxFunction");

      but it gives me error  "jsxFunction is not a function".


      This is my function for testing purpose..

      unction jsxFunction()


                var appName;

                if(app.name == undefined)


                          // JavaScript only apps

                          appName = app.appName;




                          // ExtendScript enabled apps

                          appName = app.name;



                //your JSX code here

           alert("Failed to encode ");



      I have added the .jsx file from CS extension builder file>new>file> create filename.jsx;

      Is there any other configurations need to be done in order to  Call ExtendScript from ActionScript.. Please help