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    Premiere Pro 6 and Audition Audio issues with Kona Lhi




         When I have Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition open at the same time, and I send an audio clip from Premiere Pro to Audition for editing, I have no sound in Audition. If I have only one of these programs open, the audio works fine in both. Since these programs are linked together it is essential that I have audio in both, even though, both programs are open. Is there a driver fix or some other way to get Premiere Pro to release the Kona Card LHi when switching to Audition? I am using a Mac Pro 2 x 2.4 6-core 24MB Ram 1333 DDR3 and Quadro 4000 with Kona Lhi Drivers 10.4.4 with Adobe presets.



      Dunamis Starr | TV Department