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    If statement in PDF form


      Problems getting an if statement to work under the custom calculation


      TOTAL HPI text field is counting the number for options selected for checkboxes hpi1-8


      I want the text field BRIEFHPI to display X if if the TOTAL HPI is >=3

      I want the text field EXTHPI to display X if the TOTAL HPI is >3


      I've tried various different ways - not working!  any help appreciated!!!!

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What ways?


          Do you know how to access objects in Acrobat JavaScript?


          // get TOTAL HPI field object's value as a variable;

          var TotalHPI = this.getField("TOTAL HPI").value;

          // reset or clear fields that could be adjusted in case they are not adjusted;

          this.resetForm(["BRIEFHPI", ]);

          // test the value of TotalHPi;

          if(TotalHPI >= 3) {

          // greater than or equal to 3;

          this.getField("BRIEFHPI").value = "X";


          if(TotalHPI > 3) {

          // greater than  3;

          this.getField("EXTHPI").value = "X";