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    Permiere Pro CS6 crashes on quit everytime.


      I am having an issue where everytime I quit PP it closes all the windows but then hangs. It will hang for days eating up GPU Memory and RAM if over looked until you finally force quit the application. Once you force quit the program at which point it generates a crash report for Apple then when you reopen PP it does not generate a crash report for Adobe. This to me means, Adobe is probably not see this reported nearly as often as it is happening. I talked to a few others around the office and the same problem on identical machines. I found this forum http://forums.adobe.com/message/5365697  and some others on CC but none of them have actual solutions to the issue. I have trashed the preferences and this will resolve the issue until you have opened and closed PP about 6 times. Then then it will begin again. Here are the specs on me and my co workers comupters:


      OS:                   OS X 10.8.3

      Program:          PP CS6 ver 6.0.2

      CPU:                 2 x 6-core 3.06 Intel Xeon

      RAM:                12 GB DDR3

      Video Card:      Quadro 40000

      Video Card:      ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB


      I don't want to trash the forum with the crash report but I can PM a copy is needed. Thanks in advance for the help!