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    Auto restart of additional CF instances

    Rick Heck

      I added a second CF instance to the CF9 server. It runs fine, but does not 'survive' a server restart.


      A manual restart via the jRun Launcher does not always work properly; it often takes several attempts to start the 2nd instance/jRun server. A start via the Instance Manager of the primary CFAdmin screen usually works.


      How do I configure the 2nd instance to automatically restart on server reboot. Is there a way to set the 2nd instance as a Service?



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          Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

          Hello Rick,


          Can you describe your environment? Did you find anything in the error logs.



          Anit Kumar

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            Rick Heck Level 1

            Environment: CF9.02 on Server 2008 (fully patched). Have installed the latest CF patches. First instance starts automatically.


            Second instance was created from CFAdmin first instance. Did enable the "Create Windows Service" and "Auto Restart Service", but do not see the 2nd instance in the Windows, Services list.


            On a server restart, I have to manually go into the first CFAdmin, then Enterprise Manager, Instance Manager, and manually start the 2nd instance.  I have also tried using the jRun Launcher, which (on a server restart) shows the 2nd instance as not running. Starting that second instance from jRun Launcher doesn't always work; I usually have to use the Instance Manager to successfully manually start the 2nd instance.


            Didn't see anything of interest in the error logs, but I may not be looking in the right spot.



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              Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

              If you can't locate the 2nd CF instance service in the services console, then it might be possible, that the instance is not created properly.


              Did you try creating a new instance. You can remove the 2nd one, if the 3rd works.



              Anit Kumar

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                Rick Heck Level 1

                SInce the server is a production server, and the second instance is in use (although for test sites), creating the 3rd instance would require re-creating data sources, etc.


                I have a second (identical) server where the 2nd instance was created in the same manner, and the 2nd instance shows up as a Service. Could I export the registry entry for the 2nd instance from the second server, then regedit/import that reg file into the first server? The installation folder/structure is the same on both servers.

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                  Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

                  Well Rick, you can try that. However, I am not sure if that is going to work or not. It may/may not break other settings.


                  Regarding, creating the CF service, you may like to have a look at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/251192. for creating windows services by Microsoft.


                  Alternatively, You can create a 3rd instance. Before migrating the datasources, ou can verify the service startup/shutdown.



                  Anit Kumar

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                    Rick Heck Level 1

                    For those that are interested, it is possible to create a service for a 2nd instance of CF that will survive a server restart. (The new instance should be set as a service if you specified that when you created the instance, but if it doesn't....)


                    1. Using the SC.EXE program (see Microsoft KB 251192 referenced in previous message), create the service. The commad line is


                    sc create "Adobe ColdFusion 9 AS <instance-name>" binPath= "<path-to-jrun4-install>\bin\jrunsvc.exe" DisplayName= "Adobe ColdFusion 9 AS <instance-name>"


                    Replace <instance-name> with the name of the instance as shown in CF Admin Instance Manager. Replace <path-to-j4un4-install> with the location where you installed jRun4 (I recommend installing it in a non-default location for a bit of obfustication for hackers.)


                    If all is well, you should see a message "[SC] CreateService Succcess". If something goes wrong, you will get a syntax help screen. Make sure you put an space after (but not before) the equal sign in the command.


                    2. That will create the basic service; you should be able to see it in Services. There are some additional parameters that are needed; they are set up via RegEdit. You should find the registry entry for the new service in \\HKLM\SYSTE]CurrentControlSet\Services .


                    3) the additional registry entries needed are

                    -- CurrentVersion - REG_SZ - 4.0

                    -- JRunServer - REG_SZ - <name of the instance as shown in CF Admin>

                    -- NoRestart - REG_DWORD - 0

                    -- SystemErr - REG_SZ - {jrun.rootdir}\logs\{jrun.server.name}-err.log

                    -- SystemOut - REG_SZ - {jrun.rootdir}\logs\{jrun.server.name}-out.log

                    -- Description - REG_SX - whatever text you want to appear in the Services description area; default is "J2EE Applicaiton Server"


                    4) After you add these values via RegEdit, you will need to manually restart the service, which you will find in the Services screen. If the instance is running in CF Admin instance manager, stop it there first, then start it via the Services screen (takes about 30 seconds). Once started, it should show up as started in the CF Admin instance manager. If the service doesn't start manually, look in the Windows Application Event log for errors.


                    5) When the manual start of the service works in Services, change the Startup Type to "Automatic".


                    The results should be that the CF instance will be automatically started on server restart.


                    Good luck !! ....Rick...