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    Centering on its own when style is left justified


      I am trying to find out if anyone has had this problem.


      The HTML file is being produced as center justified, even though everything is left justified.


      This is an existing table where on word was changed, and it has happened every time we have changed a line or added a section or changed a word. In Robohelp it looks left justified, and then after production it is centered.  We tested this on 4 computers and with both versions 8 and 9. 


      As a further test, we made a change to one table, RIGHT justifying that section, and after production it indeed appeared right justified in the HTML. So we went back to left, and once again in appeared centered.


      My coworker who created the files does not have this problem when she makes changes, but the rest of us (3 others) do.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi and welcome to the RH forums.


          Can you fill in some of the blanks for us. The fact that one person can make the edits and get the expected results suggests that the problem is related to your environment. Are the three of you who get different results using a different RH version, using a different operating system, in a different location or using source control?


          It would also be helpful if we knew if the issue is seen in the generated output or just in the topic preview screen. Perhaps you could post an image of the HTML before and after the edit so we can see if there is anything there that is causing this.