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    Is it possible to automate/script the removal of workflows from workflow archive?

    jforney@TE Level 1

      We don't allow our CQ authors to activate content directly.  They must activate their content by executing a custom approval workflow we'd developed as part of our first CQ project.  As you can imagine this workflow is run very often.  So much so that when it came time to upgrade from CQ v5.4 to CQ v5.5 there were too many for me to purge the workflow archive and leaving all those workflows in place caused the upgrade process to run for a very long time.  At the time I was provided with a package for the CQ v5.4 environment that once installed provided a component (/apps/tools/components/purgewf/run.html) that I could then then leverage to kick off a process that given enough time would purge all of the workflows from the workflow archive.


      Now that we are on CQ v5.5 I'd like to be proactive and develop a script that I can schedule to execute on a regular basis that would basically do the same thing as that component from CQ v5.4.  Does anybody know if there's an easy way to do this with CQ v5.5?  Could I simply install the same component that I was given for CQ v5.4 and then leverage curl to kick the process off as I've done that sort of thing before to kick off JMX operations such as runDataStoreGGarbageCollection.  This wouldn't be a JMX operation but I'm thinking it migh actually be easier to use curl to kick of something like purgewf/run.html though I'm not really sure what I'm basing that on other than instinct.